Now that you’ve clicked, let me tell you that life kills you. Sorry if that makes you afraid, but it just does. Some of our online behavior is having a deeper effect on our lives, however, and that is what I want to examine here.


First, if you are the type of person who posts pictures of yourself posing with friends in social situations then you are probably a happy person, and although excessive social activity can kill you it isn’t the worst way to die.


last photo for this dude.

Second, despite the fact that some people hate this type of post, a new study reveals that those who post their food online, be it home cooked or restaurant, enjoy their meal more than those who just eat. And while this study points to more joy for those who post pictures of their food, it does not look at the effect it has on those dining with you. And yes, the kind of meal you are more likely to post will probably kill you because really eating that many calories is not that great an idea for your future. But hey, Carpe Diem my friend!


Lastly, there is the ubiquitous selfie. While Psychology Today claims that the selfie is a narcissistic and perhaps a psychopathic’s “tell”, it may also literally kill you. Since 2014, all selfie related deaths and serious injuries have been tracked. India is #1 in selfie related deaths and Russia #2, which forced them to create the PSA below:


Whatever you do, you are gonna die, so enjoy what you have, be as happy as you can be, and stop fucking hurting one and other.