Here’s are 5 things that are just TRUE:

  1. Everybody dies some day
  2. Hillary Clinton is an untrustworthy liar
  3. The sun is very hot
  4. Donald Trump is an arrogant bigot
  5. “Born to Run” by Springsteen is a great driving song

You may not like to hear me say these things, but please stop pretending that any of them aren’t true. If you still think that any of these 5 things can be called into question, then I have a river in Egypt to sell you.

Luckily none of these 5 things should cause any rational human being to lose sleep at night. Only a complete idiot would fly too close to the sun, try to cheat death, not sing along to “the Boss” or elect either Hillary or Donald to the the most powerful office in the world. And since Democracy is a safe-guard against individual ignorance, the human race is safe.

Fortunately for our children’s future, an entire country can’t live in Denial. Although the Egyptians come pretty close…