A moral fable.

I decided that it was easier to leave my garage door open all night (justified by the savings on my electric bill).  My refrigerator, full of nuts, berries, meat and beer, is in the garage.  I walked out to the garage one morning and find my refrigerator empty and bear paw prints all over the place.

My genius solution: buy more stuff to stock the refrigerator.  The next morning I walk into the garage and discover the same as before: everything wiped out and the same bear paw prints.  I continue this process, over and over again, because I have compassion, and after all, the bear needs food and beer.


After five years of performing this ritual, three generations of bear continue to reap the benefits of my benevolence.  My wife decides that enough is enough and shuts the garage door.  The next morning, the garage door is scarred. Bear piss and poop surround the property.  My wife insists that despite the damage the door will remain closed every night.

Five years later we have not had our refrigerator raided, nor have we had any bear deposits.  Get it?