None of us should be surprised by Bernie’s decision to endorse Hillary in an attempt to unify the Democratic Party.

Now that it is almost certain that she will be the party’s nominee, continuing his campaign against her would only weaken her already embarrassing “popularity”.

In the coming days, Bernie will (quite correctly) justify his decision by stating that he has already reached his primary goal of pulling the DNC platform to the left.

Bernie’s campaign will claim that “political reality” dictates endorsing Hillary as the best way to advance the issues that are important to him.

We will hear from all sides that this is the wisest course to insuring that Donald Trump does not win the election.

So logically most Sanders supporters (including me) understand what is happening. It all makes sense. Which is why I want my $27 back.

Logic isn’t why I and the other 99%-ers dug through our dirty Toyota Corollas and Salvation Army stained couch cushions looking for pennies to support the Revolution. It isn’t why millions of disillusioned Millennials suddenly took an interest in their country’s politics where none had existed before. Making sense wasn’t on the minds of “old-school” liberal Gen X-ers’ (like myself) when we felt the pull of Progressive politics for the first time in 30 years.

“Feeling the Bern” wasn’t about logic or making sense any more than it was about concrete policies or a Socialist Utopia. It was about daring to Believe in America again. And like any dream, eventually you wake up.

All that dream-dust covered rhetoric was nothing more than that. It was all a con. Which is why I want my $27 back. I think I’m gonna need that money now more than ever.

Bernedict Arnold