Researchers at the University of the West of England in Bristol have found a way to produce electricity from human pee. While the technology is in its infancy, the future is bright. Currently they are able to power LED lighting and store enough in a lithium battery to charge cell phones.


At the Glastonbury Music Festival special toilets were able to keep the toilet stalls lit for the entire festival. While mining urine for electricity isn’t as efficient as other means of conducting energy it has another positive aspect. The product that remains after running the piss through the generator is a clean enough to be used as fertilizer. The process also filters phosphate from the urine that can be used again.

As an added bonus, urine with a lot of alcohol in it generates more power than cleaner urine. This may not only be the reason the Glastonbury experiment a success but it means that you will soon have another good reason to get hammered.

The future goal is to make urine based batteries powerful enough to power a car. But, that is still down the road a ways.