The success this year of Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump, and to a leser extent Jill Stein (Green Party) and Gary Johnson (Libertarian) has demonstrated that a majority of Americans are sick of business as usual on Capitol Hill.

Sam Husseini (journalist and Communications Director at the Institute for Public Accuracy) has developed a system/concept to address the political destructive force of America’s dual-party monopoly on power in the United States.

It’s called Vote Pact.

The idea is simple enough. Find someone on the other side of the Democratic/Republican fence than you who is reluctant to vote for their own official party’s nominee. Then make a pact that each of you will vote for a 3rd party candidate who most closely represents your respective politics. You don’t have to vote for the same party, just so long as you both don’t vote for the Democratic/Republican candidate.


There isn’t a spoiler effect. If practiced correctly, you won’t be helping the “other” party win for the simple reason that you and your “partner” are both taking away one potential vote from the “Big Two”. Not only is this a peaceful democratic act of resisting the establishment, it also sends a message to the “Big Two” and their “Wall Street owners” that the American People are sick of choosing between the Lesser of Two Evils.

To put it in practical terms, let’s imagine a scenario:

Libby Moonbeam is hesitant to support Clinton; Wyatt Gunsharp is hesitant to support Trump. But both of these two friends fear the other party’s candidate more. So what to do with their vote? Vote out of fear for a candidate so disgusting that somewhere an angel dies?
No more! Libby and Wyatt can Vote Pact without fear of “helping the enemy” while retaining a small shred of their human decency at the same time.

If you want to know more,  go to…

Vote Pact