The Term to Divide and Rule is attributed to Philip of Macedonia who reined between 359-336 BC. That was a long  time ago and if it aint broke don’t fix it. We a living in an age where the entire world is being divided into smaller factions which are easier to defeat. Can’t we as people agree on anything? I could focus on Brexit , I could focus on Turkey or Syria, or Israeli Palestine even Clinton and Trump who are not even in power yet.

The principles of Divide and Rule are

  •  creating or encouraging divisions among the subjects to prevent alliances that could challenge the sovereign
  • aiding and promoting those who are willing to cooperate with the sovereign
  • fostering distrust and enmity between local rulers
  • encouraging meaningless expenditures that reduce the capability for political and military spending

So, What can we do about it? First you need to realize that you are being manipulated. The social issues that divide us are manufactured. Your opinions about abortion, gay marriage, gun laws or what ever are most likely fed to you. I know it is hard to admit that you have been manipulated but trust me if you take a step back you can hear the group speak. Often this group speak is repeated verbatim like some sort of hypnotic mantra. So stop!

You can still look out for number 1 you don’t have to bend a knee to anybody. Just let other people be as well and it will go a long way in healing superficial wounds about how you have been hurt in the past and hopefully leave some room for some compassion while exposing the manipulators who are hiding their real goal of keeping you down.