You can run, but you can’t hide.


We are all going to die. In a world of various opinions, ideas and attitudes this is one of the few universal truths that we all can agree on. It is certainly the most definite.


There is no denying our mortality, yet mankind has always sought delusional fantasies to alleviate his inability to control his fate.


I am oddly NOT referring to religion (although that is a also a delusional fantasy), but to exercise. Or more specifically, to Health & Fitness fads.



You have seen them come and go. The Hula-Hoop, Jogging, Fast-walking, Aerobics, Zumba…. They evolve and get re-marketed faster than Apple products.


But unlike Apple products, Health & Fitness fads don’t work.


“What!?” you gasp “As of January 2 just this year I’ve lost 6 pounds at my Core Training Class”.


That may be, and your heart rate might be lower. You feel less out of breath. You would probably have a slightly greater chance of escaping a Sabre-toothed Tiger.



I say they don’t work because you are still going to die.


No science can prove that all that time and money spent at Health & Fitness and looking for new Spandex will increase your longevity. It will, however have demonstratively wasted a lot of your time and money .


Time and money that you could have spent living.

Just walk more. Chump.