Protest signs, banners and placards have been around as long as people have milled around in groups upset about something. So pretty much forever.

Some historians suggest that the Ancient Romans were the first to adopt the mass use of a plank on a stick (usually just an image or symbol) as a means of expressing their opinion. But in all likelihood the origins are probably much older.

The idea is that you can spread your message better by displaying it to all “non-visually-impaired” within view is not a particularly difficult concept. A good protest sign needs to make it’s point quickly and cleverly.

In these last weeks the TV screens have been full of protest signs professing all sorts of political ideologies and even some plain crude ones. So maybe we all deserve a nice break from other people’s political views. With that in mind I present a nice, calming and hopefully non-politically upsetting collection of 15 real live signs.