Murica has gone and done it now, offering a choice between two of the least popular politicians in American history. Since there is no evidence to suggest that Americans will escape the “state of fear” that their media keeps them in, we will have to assume that the next POTUS will be HRC or The Trump.

Putting aside all policy, gender or rhetoric, let’s look at this choice from a moral angle. For the sake of this experiment, you have to accept the following two statements as mostly to entirely true. *If you do not agree with these two statements I seriously hope that you seek professional mental help from a certified professional.

  1. The Democratic Nomination was a fix from the start and Hillary was going to win no matter what.
  2. A Trump presidency will likely be a 4 year train wreck with an occasional free doughnut.

So, how to cast your moral vote?

Do you take the 4 years of disaster knowing that it will destroy the Republican Party for generations to come?
Do you reward the Democratic Party that made a sham of Democracy, encouraging such behavior for generations to come?

Example: There is a big party at the nightclub tonight and two of your girlfriends both want to borrow that one super special dress from you. Your first girlfriend is a notorious party girl, so you have serious doubts that the dress will be come back stain-free. On the other hand, your other girlfriend is a taker. If the dress is in your closet she will most likely just take it without asking. She might start “borrowing” your shoes, too…

Do you risk the dress by lending it to Girlfriend #1 in order to teach Girlfriend #2 proper manners?

It comes down to whether you would rather die free or live in chains (morally speaking of course!).