The Democratic Convention may be over but the Media Black Out continues. Massive protest are planned across the US today, marked #DEMEXIT day, but don’t expect the cameras turned towards unrest. This is largely because the media is implicated in the DNC e-mail leaks. Ironically, the famously biased FOX NEWS is covering some of the protests, as they believe that the disunity will help their side. The polls seem to disagree.


Green Party candidate Jill Stein is now tied with Hillary in a FOX NEWS poll with write-ins at 4%, meaning that at some point the media will be forced to report on the mass exodus from the Democrats and get back to the business of reporting the news. Remember also that this is after last night’s “bump” that Hillary was counting on.  The poll above shows Trump ahead largely because the DEMS lost half of their voters with their arrogance and mistreatment of Sanders’ supporters.

Cn1swOsWIAA-uKu The people who are refusing to acknowledge the WikiLeaks e-mails have a dark surprise waiting for them. But stay optimistic. By the end of this election so much will be exposed that corruption will suffer a huge blow. Best of all, Democracy will be saved.Coa2WiCXYAACW2oMany people feel the same as you. You will lose some Facebook friends and gain others. If they fear Trump enough, they will go Green and help beat him. Find those people who will help keep you calm and on the path for JUSTICE.

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