Prior to and throughout WWII, the Germans had their eyes on oil supplies in Libya. Strategically, if the Germans could obtain a steady supply of oil they would surely win the war in Europe. They faced off against the British in the Saharan Desert sands of Algeria. Ironically, the Germans retreated into Egypt not realizing that there they were standing on top of huge oil fields.

ALGERIA. The Algerian War. FLN members. 1962.

In the late 40’s to 1950, a French geologist named Conrad Kilian claiming he could speak to stones was out to make his fortune. He made a large map of the Sahara and marked places with potential oil reserves. Kilian believed he could make a lot of money from his map because France was in need of energy independence from the oil cartel The Seven Sisters, a consortium made up of the biggest Dutch, American, and British oil companies and controlling most of the oil in the Middle East and around the world. Kilian Returned home to France and tried to sell his map. British intelligence caught wind of the Kilian’s map and tried to buy it from him. As a proud French man, Conrad Kilian resisted and a few days later his body was found hanging from a door handle in a Grenoble hotel room with bruises on his head and face. The death was ruled a suicide.



Without the map in its possession, France should renewed interest in their colonies.  Their renewed interest in the colony of Algeria led to their civil war, a conflict perhaps encouraged by agents loyal to the Seven Sisters. By 1962 Algeria was granted independence, but only after 100s of thousand lives were lost and France secured the oil rights which spawned the companies Total and Elf