The politics of fear is a powerful thing. It divides us, motivates us and takes away our freedoms. The threat can be real or imagined. Either way, Fear with a capital F keeps us in check.

“People react to fear not love. They don’t teach that in Sunday school but it is true” Richard Nixon

While achieving political power through fear tactics is not a new phenomena with the advent of social media it has become much easier to spread. Most Americans would probably cite the Bush/Cheney administration as successfully driving public opinion to justify an illegal war and erode civil liberties. Yet, these practices continued under Obama as well. Americans fear terrorism, yet the odds of being involved in a terrorist attack are miniscule. A person is 87 times more likely to drown or 46,574 times more likely to be injured from fireworks than suffer a terrorist attack. Despite the odds, we still take off our shoes to board an airplane. politics-of-fear

This year in the US presidential campaign, regardless of  their many differences. both Republican and Democratic candidates are running on fear.  Donald Trump is running on anything you care to be afraid of, be it race, taxes, women or his opponent. Hillary Clinton has her own monster: fear of Trump. While Clinton proponents will rightly say the fear is justified, what they fail to examine is that she is also using fear of Trump to cover up election fraud.


Democracy is perhaps the most sacred defining elements of America. Without it there is no USA. If Clinton is allowed to move forward without being condemned for the tactics she used to obtain the primary, the people will be surrendering their voice. It may continue to look like the same America for several years to come, but when push comes to shove the government run by corporations will do as they see fit. There are two candidates worth examining, Jill Stein from the Green party and Gary Johnson from the Libertarian party. This will require a grassroots movement on social media because the corporate media will continue to try to black out options. There are a few months to grow support and there is hope to make that a reality. May the corporate run government fear the people.