Month: August 2016

The Star Spangled Banner Sucks!

Colin Kaepernick must have taken History 151. Any student of standard American High School History might have briefly brushed over the War of 1812. The only reason why this War even makes it into American History Books at all is because it produced the poem Defence of Fort M’Henry that which later became The Star Spangled Banner. Besides that, nobody really wants to dwell on the other stuff. But Word151 does! In 1812 America got their asses handed to them in a hand-basket by the English and Canadians. America was being a total douche, aggressively invading Eastern Canada with the...

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The World is Less Magical Without Gene Wilder

“We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams” Gene Wilder as Willy Wonka Gene Wilder held a special place in many people’s hearts. He excelled  in comedies but by his own admission he wasn’t very funny. Sure he could deliver a classically written Mel Brooks line flawlessly but Gene Wilder had another quality that made him brilliant. Mr. Wilder gave the impression of a highly empathetic person a quality which was rewarded by the audience by serving him empathy in return. Perhaps we could identify with him at times. He often played characters who were...

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Distracting myself with Moby Dick

I love my kids. I have two boys and they are sure to become great people as they learn more about the world around them. This summer my conjoint (partner through civil union) just took off with my kids. As one could imagine I was frantic. I called my “wife’s” phone until her voice mail was full and my in-laws (who I suspected were with the kids) 100s of times to try to get an explanation. You see no note was left for me on the day of the disappearance and I was worried sick. About a week into...

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Stupid Overpopulation

Overpopulation, is it a problem? That depends on your perspective. Claims of overpopulation have popped up off-and-on for centuries. The concept of overpopulation originated in England in 1798 with the book Essay on the Principle of Population by Reverend Thomas Robert Malthus. His theory was based on the fact that food production increased incrementally, while people reproduced exponentially. Malthus’ theory was picked up and expanded in 1968 by Paul Ehrlich of Stanford University in his book The Population Bomb. Ehrlich claimed that excessive human reproduction had already overwhelmed the planet and that it was only a matter of time before...

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Third Party Anecdote

A simple example that even the most childlike minds of America should comprehend. Trust me, you do have a few… The de facto scare-tactic of the BIG Two Political Parties in American has always been to portray a third party vote as “wasted” or “stupid”. This is Argumentum in Terrorem, an argument out of fear. The real Fear here is that they will lose their Coke/Pepsi monopoly on power, profit and thought. If you chat “politics” this political season you will soon be presented with “seemingly” convincing arguments regarding the “wastefulness” of a third party vote. Bored of these...

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The War-forged Dutch

When people think ‘Dutch’ they tend to think: tulips, canals, prostitutes and weed, windmills, wooden shoes, cheese…. Very rarely does one think of the War. But War is exactly what forged the Dutch character. So what is the Dutch Character? Obviously that depends on your perspective… One person’s concept of International is another person’s Unpatriotic. Tolerance or Immoral
 No-nonsense or Rude Openness or Blunt One concept that is universal accepted however is Industrious. Holland (more properly the Netherlands) was founded on conflict. The Dukes of Burgundy and later the Habsburgs dominated and taxed the various peoples of the LowLands...

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The Dangers of Marijuana Use, As told by Vintage PSAs

I’m not a pot smoker. I am a man’s man. I prefer a good stiff drink to some hippy, or skeeter’s preference to mind altering substances. Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin are my heroes they didn’t fall into that whole wacky tobacky craze. I have no proof or particular reason why, but, I suspect the Sammy Davis Jr. did fall into the devil’s trap of cannabis use, but it is just a feeling. We have known about the dangers of marijuana for quite sometime, yet renegade states such as Colorado, Oregon and the entire country of Holland ignore the dangers and...

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This Week in Collectables :Truman Capote

Many people like to collect stuff. I’ve had collections that I’ve started on my own and some that were thrust upon me. Back in the late 90’s I worked for a small French  start up site promoting art. For a while I collected frogs in tribute to the work that the site’s work for up and coming artists. That collection ended with the site although there are a few frogs left in my possessions. I collect PEZ dispensers but lets be honest that is the kind of collection that just makes other people feel sad for you. So most of my...

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POTUS 2016 – The Winner is the Loser

… or … What would cause an intelligent Social Democratic Progressive to vote for Donald Trump? With a conviction sharing traits of a religious zealot,  I “truly” believe that a Hillary Clinton Presidency will spell disaster for the Democratic Party and America. Unlike the religious zealot however, my “belief” is even greater and more profound s it is founded on not just faith, but 7 rational conclusions as well. Hillary is disliked by the majority of Americans. 53% to date (Real Clear Politics). Don’t imagine for a second that things are going to get better. Hillary lacks the charisma...

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Who is the Bad Guy?

How can you tell who wears the white hat and who wears the black hat when everyone is bad? The Clinton Media/Political Machine has been trying to discredit whistle-blower website Wikileaks. And Wikileaks has been trying to discredit Hillary and The Clinton Foundation. Depending on how you look at it, both sides may well be telling the truth. Or at least not lying. I don’t know Assange or Hillary Clinton personally. But from what I have heard, read and going with my gut feeling HE seems like a douche-bag while SHE seems to me a particularly evil and nasty...

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Hands Up and Tits Out

Your sense of modesty (most people would agree) is your own damn business. American men visiting a public swimming pool in Europe may be shocked to discover that the American cargo style trunks are not allowed in public pools. If you want to swim in these pools they must don a speedo and display your junk like the rest of European males. On the beach however you can wear what you want. There is an exception to this rule however, the exception is if you are a Muslim woman. Many Westerners both left and right of the political spectrum claim...

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Bad Publicity ~from the HC to the DT

I need you to understand two things before you read this article: There is no such thing as bad publicity HC and DT refer to the two main presidential candidates. I will leave it to you to figure out which one is which. DT’s rise to leader of the Elephant party came largely from free media time and coverage. Most of it was bad, very bad in fact. Yet there he is arguably the most talked about figures in the world today. It isn’t just the corporate media, it is the social media as well. People just can’t stop...

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* The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and most probably, but do not necessarily, reflect the position of Word151.

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