Europe is the cradle of Western society and, like it or not, the mold by which all modern culture is judged. From the ruins of Athens to the fjords of Scandinavia Europe is full of diversity. Language, culture, nature, philosophy, religion, architecture, politics…etc.

The rest of the world pretends to love to hate European diversity while doing their best to imitate it (without appearing to do so).

There is one thing that screams superior diversity. The poignant nightmare of the lactose intolerant everywhere…. Cheese. Cheese makes Europe the true cradle of Human Culture. Sorry China, Mesopotamia, India….. Maybe if you had had Cheese?

Cheese is basically milk and milk speaks of a place, an animal, what that animal ate, and the environment that shaped it. When milk is turned into cheese, the final product inherits the character of the land. Not always for the better.

America doesn’t have cheese. Not real cheese. They copy cheeses from Europe or they stick it in a aerosol can and spray it around. The Aussie’s don’t have cheese. Not even Kangaroo cheese. The Canadians don’t, unless you count a Maple Tree as an animal?

Asia doesn’t have cheese. Or cows as far as I know?! They might have cheese in Africa? But do you really want to find out?

Cheese is culture. Wanna have “real” culture and diversity too? Get you some cheese!