Few people have more accomplished more than George P. Burdell. He holds every undergraduate degree offered by Georgia Tech. He was a lettered basketball player.  He flew 12 missions in a B52 bomber in WWII with the 8th Air Force. And he has been married to Ramona Cartwright for 60 years. George was a board member of Mad magazine from 1969 until 1981. In 2000 he was an alternate delegate to the DNC for the state of Georgia. In 2001 he held 57% of the vote to be Time magazine’s person of the year until he was disqualified and replaced by George W. Bush. Simply because he doesn’t exist.



William Edgar “Ed” Smith enrolled himself and one George P. Burdell at Georgia Tech back in 1927 when he was accidentally sent two enrolment forms. He enrolled George in all the same classes he took and did all the homework twice. By 1930 George P. Burdell was awarded his first Bachelors Degree followed by his first Masters a few years later.


In 1928 someone who had been rejected by a Georgia Tech fraternity ordered all new furniture to be delivered to the frat house C.O.D. The person who placed the order was George P. Burdell.


In 1958 the newspaper for Agnes Scott College announced the engagement of fictitious student Ramona Cartwright to George.

Today, George P. Burdell Jr. carries on his father’s legacy. There is an on campus store called Burdell’s and in 2015 President Obama expressed his disappointment that George was AWOL when it came time to introduce him. It seems George is hard to track down. Sure he checks into a lot of hotels, but airports and PA systems across the globe always seem to be looking for him.