Klikki here, reporting from Riga.

Great Little War Game –  The name kind of says it all. It’s a shade of Great, certainly Little, really a number of unrelated battles more than a War, but definitely a Game! But for about $5 who’s nit-picking?

Great Little War Game (GLWG) is a fun turned based strategy game from Rubicon. It’s easy to learn and not overly challenging. But the graphics are nice and the feel and humor of the game is a step above your average “made-for-mobile” game.

Playing involves moving your cute little soldiers around the small little maps to achieve objectives. Usually the objective is destroy your enemy. Strategy is limited to deciding what types of troops or vehicles to build and then where to position them to defeat your enemy. Sometimes you make the wrong choices and lose. But the games are so short that restarting and trying something new isn’t a headache.


GLWG really is best as a tablet game, although you can also enjoy it on your phone. It’s one finger touch/go/attack is relaxing and since it’s turned based you can put it down and pick it up at any time. I played it through in about 5 hours. But there are plenty of add ons, a new addition, and player vs. player still for me to explore.

As far as simple and fun strategy games for the tablet, this one is way up there on the Ahvatis-Meter!