I like swearing. I know that many people see it as a sign of ignorance, poor upbringing, or even a bad habit.
To the aficionado, however, it is an art form.

The truth is that swearing and cursing can teach you a lot about a culture. Not so much in what the people say, but the nuances of how and when they use these words. You may learn all the words, but you can’t honestly say that you “speak” a language until you can swear in it.

So with no further ado, here are 10 great Dutch swear words. You WILL hear them every day when you visit Holland. Unfortunately, they will probably sound like all the other Dutch words to you. So their usefulness may be restricted to dealing with you Taxi Driver. Those guys are real EIKELS (Ike-holes), assholes in Holland.


Teringlijer (Tear-ing-Liar) – a tuberculosis sufferer

Takkewijf (Tac-A-vy-f) – stroke woman (Stroke as in heart attack)

Mongool (Ma-N-goal) – down syndroom sufferer

Kankerlijer(Can-ker-Liar) – cancer sufferer

Achterlijke debiel (Aak-tur-lick-a/Da-beel) –  retarded moron (I like it because it’s double)

Flikker op (Flick-er-up) – Faggot off, used like “go away!”

Sodemieter op (Sod-a-meter-up) – Anal-sex off! “fuck off!”

Klootzak (Cloat-Sack) – ballsack (scrotum). Basically used like asshole

Oelewapper (Uw-lee-wa-per) – Nincompoop, not very strong, but sounds funny

Smeerlap (Smear-lawp) – Greaserag , morally filthy