Located in Southern Sweden 10km north of Ljungby lies the LaganLand Elk Park. There’s a petting zoo with some little goats and chicken things. Then there’s also a gift shop with moose stuff and a pretty good waffle and ice cream store.




What sets this place apart is getting up and close with the moose and Bison from the “safety” of a train like contraption pulled by a tractor.
Your driver and guide will provide you with a few branches of some kind of tree that the animals seem to think tastes like bacon. They don’t last long.




The fun really starts when the lazy moose won’t get up and the driver has to get out and push them into standing position. After the moose you drive into the buffalo section. Man those things are big and smelly up close.


All in all, its a great day for the kids. And even though you probably won’t understand much of the spoken tour, it’s certainly interesting enough for the big’uns too.