As I awoke this morning from a lovely dream about a world without the two main choices for our next leader of the free world it occurred to me that we have not heard from Hillary for a while.  First off I went to the BBC. *see screen shot below. The BBC election front page has 4 stories about Trump, one story about the life of Hillary Clinton, and a story about “coming out” as a Hillary supporter.

bbcThen I went to Reuters. There I found 7 stories on Trump. There were two stories about Hillary there, the first was Obama telling Democrats to not be over confidant about a Hillary win and another about Hillary’s taxes.

Image4I knew that the Huffington Post had a dedicated Hillary Clinton page, so I surfed on over there. On Hillary’s dedicated Huffington page there were 16 stories about Trump.  I found on the front page 6 positive stories about Clinton, which included one about her newly released tax returns, one about her plans to start a Presidential podcast and one (which is the point of this article) about how she should stop campaigning. Has she stopped campaigning already? This was counter-balanced with 4 negative stories about looming scandals.

huffingtonIn reality, we know where Hillary is. She is out on the “vote for me or else” tour with Joe Biden. Hillary has no message other than what amounts to extortion. While the corporate media is largely ignoring the contents of the recent WikiLeaks documents that damn her already, Julian Assange has announced the next leak will bring her down in October. If you missed that story, you really should be looking into better news sources. Is Hillary avoiding the press because she is trying to wait out the storm while Trump steals the headlines by saying something stupid and outrageous on a daily basis? Are the major media outlets just out of ideas or things to write about her, growing tired of the ” but ..Trump!’ message? I am not sure. I suspect that she is afraid to be in a media setting where the questions may turn towards questions she does not want to answer, but I can only speculate.