While many Americans have their blinders on in their effort to beat the boogie man Trump, what really is at risk is the fabric of American democracy. Embrace or ignore Hillary Clinton’s record as you will. You have made up your mind about those risks and nothing I am going to write here is going to change your mind. So let’s look to the future. What freedoms are at risk when we appoint rather than elect a leader?


2nd amendment enthusiasts, I think you are safe. You are a walking dude with an attitude. You are an independent free thinker who wont take shit from nobody. However, The government vastly out powers even the most armed up redneck waiting for the zombie apocalypse. If you feel powerful you wont question and so long as you don’t step out of line too far you can be controlled. If you go too far you can taken down without public outcry. because you were carrying a gun you idiot you were asking for it.


1rst amendment fans are in more trouble. Sure some modes of free expression will continue to be tolerated in order to maintain the status quo, but don’t push it too far. If your ideas are deemed to dangerous you can be locked away without charge through a loophole called Protective Custody. There are several kinds of protective custody; there is the kind that protects children from abusive parents, the kind that protects prisoners from being killed in prison from other prisoners and then there is a third kind. The third kind of protective custody is when your ideas are deemed too dangerous for the public good. This loophole allows the government to arrest you without charge and is already in play today. There are many people who are held in Guantanamo and elsewhere without charge.  The Nazis used this technique for the majority of their prisoners. When you are arrested with a charge you have a right to a trial which does not guarantee your conviction. With protective custody however you don’t need to be charged and if you are not charged you don’t get a trial. Use of protective custody or sometimes called material witness is a legal action today and the use of this technique will continue to grow as long as the public does not notice. On the bright side it may mean that Hillary wont have to have so many people secretly murdered .