Stories where the fictional spills over into real life are both fascinating and terrifying. Such is the Story of the Slender Man.  The Slender man began back in 2009 as a spooky internet meme. This drawing of a tall slim man with no facial features caught on with macabre fans on the internet. Although originally created by Eric Knudsen, the Slender Man character is often viewed as an open source figure. That is unless there is significant money to be made then Mr. Knudsen is happy to remind you that Slender Man is his intellectual property.


The Slender Man has spawned tons of on-line fan fiction about the violent stabbing habits of the character. There are several videos featuring Slender Man, tons of fan art, he pops up in video games such as Minecraft and starting in 2014 several real life violent acts. The most famous incidence of violence is back in the news this week as the young girls responsible are now on trial and claiming the inanity defense. These two girls from Wisconsin took a butcher knife to a mutual friends birthday/slumber party. They had planned to stab the birthday girl in her sleep but for on reason or another put it off until the next day when playing in the park. They claimed that they believed that if they killed their friend they would be welcomed into the house of the Slender Man which was hidden in the nearby woods.


When the attack in Wisconsin first made the news a 13 year old girl from Ohio and fan of Slender Man fiction attacked her mother with a butcher knife.

In 2014, a 14 year old Floridian girl set her house on fire with her family inside after spending the day reading Slender Man fiction on-line.

In 2015 many young people living on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation started a suicide club. All fatalities were fans of the Slender Man and Sioux tribal leaders claim that the Slender Man shares many qualities with their traditional Suicide Spirit legends.


Google more about Slender Man if you wish but for this writer I think I will stick with less spooky fair.