I’ve written a few stories on cognitive dissonance when I came up with the headline for this story I thought it was a joke. People like to click on stories concerning weight loss and I thought it would be another way for me to fight my own little war against cognitive dissonant people. What I was surprised to learn is that there is a real connection with cognitive dissonance and health. It isn’t just click bait in reality.


Cognitive dissonance or C.D. for those who don’t know is a psychological condition that causes people to avoid processing facts and continuing to believe information that they have been presented with as being false based simply on the fact that the information they believe conflicts with the facts. This results in it does not “feel” correct there for it is not correct. For logical thinkers C.D. is very frustrating. A C.D. person may post a meme about a political opinion but when challenged on the content will respond with an emotionally driven attack. On a more personal level my ex-believes in her view of our relationship in such a C.D. way that she ignores the written letter of the law allowing her “feelings” to rule over rational thought. This puts her in grave danger but any attempts I make to get her to prepare a real legal defense that involves lawyers is taken as an attack by me against her and not the reality of me looking to give her a fair and even playing field to move forward. But I digress we are here to talk about how C.D. is giving you thunder thighs.that-was-a-very-well-laid-out-rational-point-but-i-will-still-hold-to-my-emotional-opinion-based-on-no-facts-of-evidence

So here it is, people who suffer from C.D. see themselves as fat and unworthy. A poor self image and body image prevents them from eating right or exercising. In the C.D. person’s mind they will always be a fat loser so why put on those running shoes or deny yourself that yummy slice of pizza with a side of chocolate cake. They believe and feel so strongly in this image that exercising and eating right is futile. While in contrast if they would take action things would change. So cognitive dissonance is making you fat and keeping you from being the better person you should be both intellectually and physically.