My whole adult life I have always expected a certain level of absurdity from Conservatives. This expectation is inherent by definition.

Conservative is defined by Merriam-Webster as …

Conservative : not liking or accepting changes or new ideas.

And Life as …

Life : the ability to grow, change, etc. -MW

I think that you can put 1 and 2 together yourself to recognize the absurdity.

That is why I was shocked (and disappointed) with many of my self-proclaimed Liberal friends this election cycle.

Liberal : not opposed to new ideas or ways of behaving that are not traditional or widely accepted. – MW

Shocked because in 2016 it is the self-proclaimed Liberal who has become the new Conservative.


S.O.S. America.

The self-proclaimed Liberal is now a Traditionalist, clinging tightly to a sinking ship of failing policies. They pray blindly for 4 more years sailing a course that the vast majority of Americans reject. Fearful to mutiny yet unwilling to acknowledge their part in the inevitable trip into the depths.

Worse yet, these faithful Liberals are, in true Conservative fashion, turning a blind eye to a deeply flawed Captain. A Captain who is undoubtedly morally untrustworthy and at the least legally negligent. A Leader who is, by the kindest of objective definition, not entirely above board with the Truth. One who refuses to change course, strike excess sail, bail out the hull or eject ballast. Even when the ship is heading for the rocks.

Liberal is the new Conservative. As a Progressive swimming blindly in search of land…

Progressive : using or interested in new or modern ideas especially in politics and education. – WM

… I feel very alone.