I need you to understand two things before you read this article:

  1. There is no such thing as bad publicity
  2. HC and DT refer to the two main presidential candidates. I will leave it to you to figure out which one is which.

DT’s rise to leader of the Elephant party came largely from free media time and coverage. Most of it was bad, very bad in fact. Yet there he is arguably the most talked about figures in the world today. It isn’t just the corporate media, it is the social media as well. People just can’t stop talking about DT and posting pictures of this guy that most people simply love to hate.


I am using the DT and HC tags for their names here, because I want to discuss the election with you without giving DT free publicity. According to yesterday’s polls DT is nearly sure to lose the electoral college. DT is doing very well with white men with little or no education  and surprisingly well with Hispanics at 25% despite the racist rhetoric DT has thrown their way. If you can remember the previous presidential election MR only had 23% of the Hispanic vote despite trying to appeal directly to Hispanic voters by appearing in dark make-up on Tele Mondo. 

White republicans with an education on the other hand are rejecting DT. What they do on election day is still unclear, will they just stay home? vote for HC? or vote for 3rd part candidate Gary Johnson?

You are unlikely to hear a declaration anytime soon about how DT has no chance of winning however because so much is riding on him staying in the race and continuing to be a distraction.  HC has a big problem with wooing the progressive vote. She is beginning to address this issue a little by dragging the progressive voters favorite man Bernie Sanders out on the campaign trail with her. On each of Sanders appearances he will be relieved of his chains back stage and will be allowed to remain unbound as long as he keeps talking on stage.

HC’s theatrics with Sanders wont win her the progressive vote. Most progressives will go Jill Stein in November. I am sure HC’s strategy experts know this as well. What HC’s camp really can’t afford is to ease up on the DT fear mongering. If DT dropped out of the race or was declared a non-contender by the media the public scrutiny would be squarely put upon HC and that would mean that Jill Stein or Gary Johnson would stand a good chance of  taking the election.