The 2016 Rio Olympics are done and the torch has been literally passed to Tokyo. (Note: this is the correct use of the word ‘literally’ for all you people that use it incorrectly in place of ‘figuratively’).

The medal tally is in and it looks like without a Full Russian Team it was an easy win for the USA. No surprise there… Or is there?


The British claim to have taken second place. But did they? This claim is based on the “Gold” tally system where Gold medals are given priority. But if you use the “Total” tally system where all medals are given an equal share then it was actually the Chinese who took second place. But that is also erroneous!

There is also the less used “Population” tally system where a countries medal count is divided by it’s total population. Using this ranking system it is the Bahamas (with a population of 0.39 million sharing 1 gold and 1 bronze) who actually “won” the 2016 Olympics. True story?

Then there is the rarely used “Points” tally system (Gold = 5pts, Silver = 3pts and Bronze = 1pt) which only comes into play when it serves a direct Nationalistic Agenda.

Plus there’s the “Continental” medal tally system where Europe absolutely smashed the USA! Boom!


The Irony is that all these systems are fantasy. No Nation won the 2016 Rio Olympics. Not even Burmuda. The IOC does not recognise any ranking system based on nationality. All medals are awarded only to individuals (and team members). The Olympics are about celebrating and rewarding individual human excellence in sport and not about National competition.

So while a lot of American’s won medals America technically won none. And unless you were one of those Olympians, nor did you. So get your fat-ass off of that Nationalistic high horse and start running some laps.