I’m not a pot smoker. I am a man’s man. I prefer a good stiff drink to some hippy, or skeeter’s preference to mind altering substances. Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin are my heroes they didn’t fall into that whole wacky tobacky craze. I have no proof or particular reason why, but, I suspect the Sammy Davis Jr. did fall into the devil’s trap of cannabis use, but it is just a feeling.

We have known about the dangers of marijuana for quite sometime, yet renegade states such as Colorado, Oregon and the entire country of Holland ignore the dangers and put their own people at risk simply for profit. The first clip is an animated warning about marijuana use produced by classic animators Hanna and Barbera . Watch and learn from this 1970s PSA.

Heavy stuff there. If that is not enough to put you off the grass lets take a look at a 1963 PSA from our friends at the DEA.

We sure could use more people like Dean Keaton today. Next up a clip from the 1970s dealing with the effect of marijuana and the differences between clean living boys and girls and beatnik drug abusers.


Are you starting to “dig” the dangers now? Luckily, people like Hillary Clinton and the FDA are fighting to keep this dangerous drug off our streets and away from kids, as well as legalizing safe drugs like Oxycontin to our young children as young as 8 years old because you never know when a child may begin to experiment  with street drugs. But how can you spot the signs of a dope user? This next clip from the 1960s is a police training short that will help you spot a dope fiend.

The final clip is more modern and focuses on the real life effect to the personality of a pot smoker. I will sign off now. I hope you have learned something today. Put dawn that joint and pick up a bottle that is what men are supposed to do.