Many people like to collect stuff. I’ve had collections that I’ve started on my own and some that were thrust upon me. Back in the late 90’s I worked for a small French  start up site promoting art. For a while I collected frogs in tribute to the work that the site’s work for up and coming artists. That collection ended with the site although there are a few frogs left in my possessions. I collect PEZ dispensers but lets be honest that is the kind of collection that just makes other people feel sad for you. So most of my PEZ stays in a box appreciating in value at about 6 cents every other year.


What you really want in a collectible is something that will astound your new friends when they come over for dinner and drinks. Something Like is that really “His” guitar pick? or are those the actual gloves “She” was  wearing when she slapped Cary Grant in such and such a movie?



This week brings a rare opportunity to impress your literary friends. You can buy what is left of Truman Capote! A collectible of this sort would make you king/queen of your book club without question and it wont cost you that much. Truman Capotes ashes are going to auction after the previous owner Johnny Carson’s ex wife’ recent death. The estimated action value is only $6,000. Nothing for the well off but it isn’t end of the world money either.


Imagine watching Breakfast at Tiffany’s or the two bio pics about Truman with him at your side??!! You could read passages from in Cold blood to him before going to sleep or ask him questions about if being Dell in To kill a mockingbird was at all accurate.

It is Truman Capote for gods sake and He can be yours for only the cost of a crappy used car.