I love my kids. I have two boys and they are sure to become great people as they learn more about the world around them. This summer my conjoint (partner through civil union) just took off with my kids. As one could imagine I was frantic. I called my “wife’s” phone until her voice mail was full and my in-laws (who I suspected were with the kids) 100s of times to try to get an explanation. You see no note was left for me on the day of the disappearance and I was worried sick.

About a week into this whole thing I got a message from my father-in law telling me to leave my house and go back to California where I am from (I live on a French island now). When I refused, he began an e-mail campaign sending slanderous lies about me to my friends and family. I went to a lawyer. The lawyer told me no ignore my father in-law (lets call him Dick from now on) because Dick didn’t have dick to do with my children or my “wife”.

One bow for each boy

One bow for each boy

I enlisted the help of a missing children non-profit who were limited in the action they could take advised me of my rights and the steps to take legally. I was able to determine that they all would be returning to the island before the start of school next week. I had lots of time to wait so I decided I would build stuff to distract me. I built a see-saw and a bow and arrow set for the kids. Which brought great and much needed distraction.


The see-saw awaits the boys

With still weeks to go and not a lot of extra money to burn (none really) I decided I would start to build furniture out of old wooden palettes and try to sell them on-line.

Today I finished my first product for sale a big wooden whale of a wall hanging. This corresponded with the return of my ex, Dick and, his wife Jizzland. I had a short but civil conversation with my ex and although she is refusing to let me see the children I was able to hand her a legal document (I had sent her via e-mail many times before) which explained about the illegality of disrupting the children’s lives, causing them undue emotional distress and my visitation rights pre a court ruling. She promised to find the time to read it and I hope she will stop using my children as pawns in a power game that she has cast me as the villain in.

It will be 3 weeks to a month before a family judge will hear the case. I hope I get to see my children before then. Until that time My big White whale will be up for sale as I jump to the next project to distract me from the pain being inflicted upon me.