Month: August 2016

Europe crushes America – Rio 2016!

The 2016 Rio Olympics are done and the torch has been literally passed to Tokyo. (Note: this is the correct use of the word ‘literally’ for all you people that use it incorrectly in place of ‘figuratively’). The medal tally is in and it looks like without a Full Russian Team it was an easy win for the USA. No surprise there… Or is there? The British claim to have taken second place. But did they? This claim is based on the “Gold” tally system where Gold medals are given priority. But if you use the “Total” tally system...

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Liberal is the New Conservative

My whole adult life I have always expected a certain level of absurdity from Conservatives. This expectation is inherent by definition. Conservative is defined by Merriam-Webster as … Conservative : not liking or accepting changes or new ideas. And Life as … Life : the ability to grow, change, etc. -MW I think that you can put 1 and 2 together yourself to recognize the absurdity. That is why I was shocked (and disappointed) with many of my self-proclaimed Liberal friends this election cycle. Liberal : not opposed to new ideas or ways of behaving that are not traditional...

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The Caltrop, the Symbol of Death for a Small American Town?

I grew up in a small Californian town called Chico. Chico was unique compared to surrounding towns in the area in many ways. For nature, while most California valley towns are dry grassland used for agriculture, Chico boasts a couple of creeks and canals which kept the city green and gave local kids relief from the summer heat in the form of swimming holes and one of the largest city parks of its size in the country. Chico has a state university. Although the university students themselves sometimes clashed with local residence the presence of the college gave the city a...

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Cognitive Dissonance is Making You Fat!

I’ve written a few stories on cognitive dissonance when I came up with the headline for this story I thought it was a joke. People like to click on stories concerning weight loss and I thought it would be another way for me to fight my own little war against cognitive dissonant people. What I was surprised to learn is that there is a real connection with cognitive dissonance and health. It isn’t just click bait in reality. Cognitive dissonance or C.D. for those who don’t know is a psychological condition that causes people to avoid processing facts and continuing to believe information that they...

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Skin Deep Uppities

Why are so many people getting their uppities all upset about the Trump statue? You hate the guy, right? You understand that he’s a public figure, right? A public figure who makes sport of insulting others, which means he’s merely getting what he gave. You are aware of this thing called satire, yes? And hopefully you know that freedom of speech is more essential to a free thinking society than whatever mixture of taste, sensitivity, and self-righteousness it is you advocate when you get your uppities all in an up over the Trump statue. The statue is meant, I...

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Who is the Slender Man?

Stories where the fictional spills over into real life are both fascinating and terrifying. Such is the Story of the Slender Man.  The Slender man began back in 2009 as a spooky internet meme. This drawing of a tall slim man with no facial features caught on with macabre fans on the internet. Although originally created by Eric Knudsen, the Slender Man character is often viewed as an open source figure. That is unless there is significant money to be made then Mr. Knudsen is happy to remind you that Slender Man is his intellectual property. The Slender Man...

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Rejecting Rembrandt

The blood of the 13 victims of the latest flooding in Louisiana is on the hands of the politicians of both parties. And they died for no other reason than that they were poor. In 2005  Hurricane Katrina left 1,245 people dead and tens of thousands homeless. The Dutch offered America a solution. They offered to re-design the levee system for the Mississippi and Delta region. The Dutch didn’t do this for profit (although they wanted to pay their engineers a fair wage). They did this because they are America’s friend. All they asked was for the USA to foot...

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Crises: The True Measure of Friendship

The people section of Word151 is normally biographies of interesting people. Today I want to take a close look at the morality of people. People both in the way you roll your eyes and say ” Oh God people” and those who define what it is to be human. So, I am an expat who has lived in France for many years. I’ve been lucky that in all the time I have lived abroad I have had somebody to handle the heavy paper work and bureaucracy for me. This Summer I found myself in the middle of a surprise...

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Like any great leader, Donald Trump wants to build a wall.   There’s already a wall between America and Mexico, but it’s not a very good one. Donald, being the greatest at everything, wants to build a big, shiny, magical wall. And why not? His neighbor is footing the bill.   Is Donald on to something? Let’s look at some other country sized walls throughout history to find an answer.   The Great Wall(s) of China Actually a series of walls (4500km) built over the space of 1000 years the Great Wall(s) of China’s main purpose was to keep...

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Beaumarchais: Bad Spy, Good Playwright?

Perhaps you saw that movie about the real life game show host of The Gong Show being recruited as a CIA assassin. Or perhaps you have seen the new film Elvis and Nixon about Elvis’ desire to become a secret undercover agent at large. Stories like this though often treated with a grain of salt, historically have some foothold in reality. Take Pierre Beaumarchais, French inventor, musician, playwright (of which he is most famous for), and yes spy.  Pierre Beaumarchais was born into wealth but strongly rejected the idea that the bourgeois were a superior people to those with lower social...

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STRANGER THINGS Yourself and Guess Our Movie Quotes

What you have not seen the surprise Summer hit TV series from Netflix STRANGER THINGS?!! You like 80’s nostalgia and you still have not seen it??!! If you have not seen it go watch it now you’ll be back here after a binge. Some clever internet nerds have made a STRANGER THINGS title generator. We have been playing with it all afternoon. Take a look at ours and guess where the quotes come from in our comment section and if you want to make your own you can do that...

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The Edelweiss Pirates

The first The Edelweiss Pirates appeared in the 1930’s as a youth rebellion against the Hitler Youth movement of National Socialism. The groups often had different names depending on the city or neighborhood. The “Traveling Dudes” (Essen); the Navajos (Cologne). Regardless of their name, they were a natural reaction to the stringent oppressiveness of National Socialism.   The groups usually consisted of middle or working class youths (many groups also included girls) usually between the ages of 15 and 18. They often identified themselves with checkered clothing, Lederhosen adorned with pins or badges, although, unlike the Hitler Youth, they...

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* The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and most probably, but do not necessarily, reflect the position of Word151.

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