Month: August 2016

What YOU Stand to Lose When Democracy Dies

While many Americans have their blinders on in their effort to beat the boogie man Trump, what really is at risk is the fabric of American democracy. Embrace or ignore Hillary Clinton’s record as you will. You have made up your mind about those risks and nothing I am going to write here is going to change your mind. So let’s look to the future. What freedoms are at risk when we appoint rather than elect a leader? 2nd amendment enthusiasts, I think you are safe. You are a walking dude with an attitude. You are an independent free thinker...

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When was the Last Time you Heard from Hillary?

As I awoke this morning from a lovely dream about a world without the two main choices for our next leader of the free world it occurred to me that we have not heard from Hillary for a while.  First off I went to the BBC. *see screen shot below. The BBC election front page has 4 stories about Trump, one story about the life of Hillary Clinton, and a story about “coming out” as a Hillary supporter. Then I went to Reuters. There I found 7 stories on Trump. There were two stories about Hillary there, the first was...

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Meet the Moose in Sweden

Located in Southern Sweden 10km north of Ljungby lies the LaganLand Elk Park. There’s a petting zoo with some little goats and chicken things. Then there’s also a gift shop with moose stuff and a pretty good waffle and ice cream store.     What sets this place apart is getting up and close with the moose and Bison from the “safety” of a train like contraption pulled by a tractor. Your driver and guide will provide you with a few branches of some kind of tree that the animals seem to think tastes like bacon. They don’t last long....

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The Bad Carpenter, Zika, and the See Saw

On theIt has been a long summer. My young children, the oldest 6 and the youngest about to turn 3, had been away camping in the mountains thousands of miles away with their mother and her parents. The pain of missing them had begun to take its toll. My mother, feeling bad for me, sent me one of those Buzzfeed articles with DIY projects thinking that if I had a something to distract me the time sans children would pass easier. One project caught my eye: DIY See Saw for under $20.  I went to bed planning to get started the next morning,...

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10 Great Swear Words in Dutch

I like swearing. I know that many people see it as a sign of ignorance, poor upbringing, or even a bad habit. To the aficionado, however, it is an art form. The truth is that swearing and cursing can teach you a lot about a culture. Not so much in what the people say, but the nuances of how and when they use these words. You may learn all the words, but you can’t honestly say that you “speak” a language until you can swear in it. So with no further ado, here are 10 great Dutch swear words....

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Tell Us What Being American Means?

We sincerely are depending on readers of this article to tell us. If you are American, an expat living in America, or if you have heard of the US and have an image of what it is to be American, we want to hear from you. I’m writing this article and asking for help defining the identity of American because most of what I have classically defined as being American is disappearing or is long gone. Enjoying leisure time. Back in 1986 there was a movie with Michael Keaton and George Wendt called Gung Ho. The film was about how the...

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Great Little War Game

Klikki here, reporting from Riga. Great Little War Game –  The name kind of says it all. It’s a shade of Great, certainly Little, really a number of unrelated battles more than a War, but definitely a Game! But for about $5 who’s nit-picking? Great Little War Game (GLWG) is a fun turned based strategy game from Rubicon. It’s easy to learn and not overly challenging. But the graphics are nice and the feel and humor of the game is a step above your average “made-for-mobile” game. Playing involves moving your cute little soldiers around the small little maps...

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The First Emperor of the United States

Joshua Abraham Norton landed on the shores of the golden state of California in 1849 a millionaire (by today’s standards). By 1859 he had lost most everything. Perhaps Mr. Norton was disgruntled or perhaps he just snapped, but one day in 1859 he declared himself, “Norton I, Emperor of the United States“. The US government chose to ignore Norton’s seizure of the United States. The local elected officials of San Francisco chose to ignore him as well. But, to Norton’s advantage, he started getting noticed by local newspapers. His first act as Emperor was to abolish both the Democrat...

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Puff Ain’t Dope

Remember when your friend told you that the Peter, Paul and Mary song “Puff the Magic Dragon” was about dope? Puff is obviously Marijuana. And his friend, the boy Johnny Paper, is an allusion to rolling paper. Frolicking in the Autumn mist is a reference to getting high and dope smoke. It all made so much sense back then. Especially after that second doobie. Everything your friend told you is bullshit. And the lyrics weren’t written by Peter, Paul or Mary. They were written by Leonard. Leonard Lipton, an independent film maker from Brooklyn, wrote the poem in 1959...

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Walking Under Ladders: Why So Many are Superstitious

I don’t walk under ladders. I’ve always told myself that it was because things could fall on you from above a ladder with a person atop. Then I realized that even if I knew the ladder was unused, I still preferred to walk around. I remember a few times on the streets of Paris being given no other choice but to walk under a ladder. Each time I would exclaim to myself after making my way,”See, you idiot! There was nothing to worry about.” So where did this start, and why are so many normally rational people superstitious to a...

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White People Aren’t Human

It’s a bit racy to say “white people”, and also not technically correct, so this headline should read: Eurasians Aren’t Human And that is technically true. They are, in a sense of the word, LESS human than Africans. Europeans, and some Near East Asian populations, are hybrids. Not the cool kind of hybrid like the Beefalo, Zonkey, Wholphin or Liger (Yes these are all real!). And not the lame ass kind of hybrid like the Toyota Prius. But Eurasians aren’t even true 50/50 hybrids at that. They are more like polluted, soiled, mutant hybrids. (And not the cool X-man...

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First, I’ll be up front. I am a global thinker. That is not to say that linear thinking is wrong; it is simply different. I would not employ an accountant who was a global thinker (I’m looking at you Arthur Anderson). So what is the difference? Let’s look at vacations as an example. Do you like vacations where your daily activities and excursions are planned out for you. Do you find comfort in knowing that “oh we must finish lunch now if we are going to make the 2pm tour bus to the botanical gardens”.  If so, you are...

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* The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and most probably, but do not necessarily, reflect the position of Word151.

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