Month: September 2016

The One-Party System

A lot of Neo-Liberals (including the Current POTUS) are clamoring that a vote for a Third Party is a vote for the “other guy”. I find it strange that the opinions of people that I once had some respect for are now meaningless to me. Perhaps the problem for me is that many Americans either don’t understand or don’t like Democracy. Or in the case of the Neo-Liberal, not when it is inconvenient. Let’s take their argument to to it’s logical conclusion? Is not a vote for the Second Party also taking a vote away from the First Party?...

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Universal Grammar and the Exception that Proves or Disproves the Rule

Universal Grammar and the Exception that Proves or Disproves the Rule   I’m a big fan of Norm Chomsky, the famous linguist who is smarter than a whole room of geniuses thinking together.  There is a problem with one of his big theories however and the solution seemed to be to make the problem go away rather than change the theory. The theory is called Universal Grammar or UG. UG states that grammar is hard wired into our DNA and despite many different languages around the world all languages share certain structure of grammar and recursion. Norm Chomsky claims...

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Dolly Eyes, Damn Girl!

Word151 is not a medical blog. Nor do we endorse products in general. So I hope that the reader will keep this in mind when I talk about the newest trend making it’s way into America from across the Pacific. I have no idea if these things are dangerous. So before trying them please consult a medical professional. I am referring, of course, to Dolly Eyes™. The rage in Asian that you can easily order for $20 to $30 online (in either prescription strength or purely decorative). I am not a doctor. Or an eye specialist either. But I...

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9 Steps to a Better Life (6 of 9)

Role-play (as a coping mechanism) * Not the sex game thing or the D&D type of role-playing. While these are both good and healthy I am talking about role-playing (acting) as a means of getting through the day. My Reasoning Most days you will be presented with situations that fill you with trepidation or uneasiness. Job interviews, chats with “unpleasant” work colleagues, getting pulled over by the cops, interactions with strangers on public transportation, dinner parties with the in-laws… Instead of compromising who you are as a person to survive the unending demands of these social encounters, it is...

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Mommies, don’t let you babies grow up to be Truckers

When I was a little boy we all wanted to become Truckers! Or preferably, the Burt Reynolds guy that drove the Bitchin Pontiac TransAm out ahead of the Truck to draw off Smokey. All dreams die. Time for some sad news. Fossil Fuel consumption is on it’s way out. It’s going out kicking and screaming because a lot of the most rich and influential countries have based their economy on it. But out it will eventually go. With it will go the “roaring” Kings of the Road. The Delivery Vans, Freight Trucks, Lorry’s, Road-Trains, 18-wheelers… or whatever your brand...

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The Empress’ New Clothes

There’s something awfully suspicious with HRC’s health? But, like the Empress’ new clothing, the townsfolk don’t want to notice the obvious. So I guess it’s up to this little boy again… Most of my Neo-Liberal friends seem oblivious to various incidents of strange behavior by their candidate-Du-jour. Their instantaneous rejection of anything not following the “official party line” as reported by the Corporate media is reminiscent of the dogmatic denials of the Christian Right Wing Republicans of my youth. Anyone suggesting otherwise is instantly labeled a “Right-wing Agent” or a “Conspiracy Theorist”. Anything claimed by the other side is...

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11 Day Daylight Savings Time

While most of us will spend the day recovering from our International Talk Like a Pirate Day, some of us more survivalists types will be preparing for the next big (almost) international event Day Light Savings Time or DST as it is known to people who like to name everything to sound like an STD. DST started as a concept back in 1906 in New Zealand. No, it wasn’t as many believe Ben Franklin who came up with the idea although he did speculate that rising early could increase productivity. But is losing an hour or two really that...

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Soup Line Politics Cheat Sheet

Irregardless of whether The Liar or The Blowhard become the next POTUS, there’s a good chance that many Americans will soon find themselves standing in line at a Soup Kitchen. So deplorable is the direction of the country is taking. In general American’s love to talk about politics. And what better way to pass time in the Soup Kitchen line than to bitch an moan about the political system that got you there int he first place. The problem with Americans discussing politics however is two-fold. Few of them understand it very well and most think that they do....

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9 Steps to a Better Life (5 of 9)

Step#5 – Always make a copy My Reasoning This is an easy one to do once you get into the habit. And I’m not talking about just backing up your hard drive. *Although you should definitely go do this right now if you haven’t! Back up every thing that you own. Your passwords, your digital records, bicycle lock combinations, your mobile phone apps and settings, your house keys, your passport. Back em up! I know that it takes a little time and effort. Also, you should never backup stuff when it costs you more than that thing is worth....

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9 Simple Steps to a Better Life (4 of 9)

Step #4 – Don’t Work Unpaid My Reasoning: *I’m not referring to volunteer work or helping out a friend or stranger. I’m talking about working “over-time” for your boss or company without a wage. It’s a cut throat dog-eat-dog world out there in the job market. And only a few will survive. Unless you were born rich there is almost no chance that your will ever become rich without a piano full of luck getting dropped on your head. Often people try to work “late” to impress the “boss” and (maybe) earn a raise or promotion. Working your ass...

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9 Simple Steps to a Better Life (3 of 9)

Step #3 – Sell you house before you want to My Reasoning Selling your house is probably the most stressful “sale” that you will ever make. Odds are that your house is the most expensive thing that you own. You’ve likely sunk a large portion of your finances into it. Not only does it hold and protect your worldly possessions, but you and your family as well. Also, once it’s sold, you have the additional stress of finding and moving to somewhere new to keep your stuff and family high and dry. You may really like your house, or...

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3 Films to Watch while Waiting

I hate waiting. There is nothing worse in my book than being all ready to go for something and then just having to wait for something or someone to make “it” happen. It could be waiting for escrow to close, it could be waiting for payday or it could be waiting for that court date to come so you can put your enemies in jail where they belong. Whatever your “it’ is waiting sucks. One silver lining I’ve found is finding the time to clean out the list of movies you have been meaning to watch someday, but never...

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