Huma Abedin is a vice chairperson on Hillary’s campaign. It is widely reported that Huma Abedin is Hillay’s best friend and confidante. There are conspiracy theories out there that Huma and Hillary are lesbian lovers and I dug into these allegations but  found no solid evidence to this claim (damn it!).

H and H


Huma Abedin and her husband Anthony Weiner were once a DC power couple. Weiner a charismatic speaker, was sure to have a bright political future ahead of him. Then multiple sexting scandals were made public. Weiner used the screen name Carlos Danger, no relation to this reporter, ah ok yes he is a distant cousin, but, the Danger family are not all sexual deviants. OK?


Huma stood by her Weiner. She was “the good wife” but that all changed late last week when the latest scandal broke. This time involving a sexually suggestive photo of Weiner’s man bits clearly outlined through his pants with his young son sleeping next to him. Child services are on the case to decide if the photo is explicit enough to warrant further charges.


Huma announced shortly after the photo’s leaked that she would be cutting of relations with Wiener. One could easily argue that Huma had just had enough and decided to move on. That seems logical, other than the fact that this appears to really be a question of sexual addiction of which there is treatment. Perhaps the fact that their child was involved was enough to end the relationship. However, in Huma’s public statement on the matter she clearly states that their son is the light of both of their lives. Seeming to mean that she is not seeking to end Wieners parental rights.


The other possibility of why this time spells “enough is enough” is that the scandal is now a direct liability to the Clinton campaign. As a person who has already made up their mind about Hillary and her huge pile of looming scandals this extra news makes little difference in my view. But that does not appear to be the mindset of the Hillary camp. Hillary has a long trail of mysterious deaths throughout her political carrier. The shear number of mysterious deaths concerns me, although some may be coincidence, (as I’ve asked before) how many bodies does it take before you start to question?


Wiener himself who has never been camera or soundbite shy has been very quiet in the wake of the latest scandal. He also has good reason not to be silent as his documentary Wiener will soon air on Showtime. I am sure more solid information will be made public as this story rolls forward, either in the corporate media or at the very least on Snapchat.