If you are an Average Jane or Joe, you probably don’t have many shapeshifting lizard people near you. Although the existence of Reptilian amongst our society has yet to be proven, believers (12 million Americans alone) seem to place most Reptilians in positions of power and authority.


Psychopathy is more common an estimated 1% of the general American population is said to be a psychopath. The number surges to up to 25% of prisoners. Psychopaths feel little to no sense of remorse. They feel those who have done them wrong have brought about their own fate and deserve to be punished by the psychopath. The are often fearless but antisocial. This fearlessness and disregard for societies’ laws could explain why so many end up incarcerated.

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Sociopath on the other hand are far trickier.  Sociopath emulate “normal” human emotion. It is difficult to pinpoint an even rough percentage of sociopaths in society as they are adapted to their surroundings enough to mask themselves. They are if you will a cross between the lizard people and the psychopath. A sociopath may be very adept at manipulating a group of feeble-minded people into doing outrageous deeds enabling the sociopath to avoid blame. A sociopath can manipulate empathy in others while not being able to feel any empathy themselves. Sociopath have no regard for social laws and norms and reject authority but are much less apt to expose themselves to many.


Dr. Martha Stout a Harvard University psychologist defined a sociopath as a person with no conscience and put her estimate at 4% of Americans. I find that number low as I seem to often find myself in relationships with a sociopath but perhaps they are just my subconscious type.