Step #3 – Sell you house before you want to

My Reasoning

Selling your house is probably the most stressful “sale” that you will ever make. Odds are that your house is the most expensive thing that you own. You’ve likely sunk a large portion of your finances into it.

Not only does it hold and protect your worldly possessions, but you and your family as well. Also, once it’s sold, you have the additional stress of finding and moving to somewhere new to keep your stuff and family high and dry.

You may really like your house, or are, at the very least, happy that you have it. Regardless of your feelings, it may be time to part ways.


The Benefit

The negotiating advantages of selling your house early are obvious. You will not be subject to time restraints and you can afford to turn down offers until the one that suits you comes along. So while the process remains a stressful one, you will likely come out in the end with more money and a more pleasant transition into your new home.

An Example

Everything I’ve said is fine and dandy but…

I don’t want to sell my house

… but someday you will. Recognizing that day before it arrives is the key to this Step.

  • Do new house “renovations” no longer get you excited?
  • Have you been intentionally driving our of your way to visit other neighborhoods?
  • Do you slow down and glancing at the window when passing the Real Estate Agent’s office?
  • Are ‘half finished’ house ‘projects’ now considered adequate?
  • Have you and your spouse started talking about moving “When this or that happens …”?
  • Do the rooms fell a bit smaller?
  • (for the men) Do trips to the DIY store no longer feel like Christmas?

Look out for these tell-tale signs and put your house on the market before you actually want to move.

The key is realizing that “what you may think that you want” isn’t the best thing for you in the long run. Like Chocolate Cake.