Step#5 – Always make a copy

My Reasoning

This is an easy one to do once you get into the habit. And I’m not talking about just backing up your hard drive. *Although you should definitely go do this right now if you haven’t!

Back up every thing that you own. Your passwords, your digital records, bicycle lock combinations, your mobile phone apps and settings, your house keys, your passport.

Back em up!

I know that it takes a little time and effort. Also, you should never backup stuff when it costs you more than that thing is worth. But backups are basically the exact same thing as house insurance. If your house burns down, and you don’t have fire insurance, then you are screwed. Same thing with your passport when traveling in a 3rd world country.


Oh shit! The tent was in the house.

An Example

About 4 years ago my iMac crashed. The operating system went wonky, it was infested with viruses and then the hard drive just kind of died. Admittedly hitting it repeated in anger probably contributed to the last one. Unfortunately, this happened in the period that I was moving my digital information from a local hard drive to a Cloud based system. What are the odds you ask? About the same as your house burning down!

Among the victims of my “ill fate” was half of iTunes library and 2 years of photo’s of my children. 2 years of my children memories was bad, but not as bad as only having Artists from A – K. Man I miss the Talking Heads!

The Benefits

These should be obvious. A little backup time investment saves a lot of heartache and money.

You wouldn’t go parachuting without a backup parachute, would you? Show some common sense and always have a back up.