There’s something awfully suspicious with HRC’s health? But, like the Empress’ new clothing, the townsfolk don’t want to notice the obvious. So I guess it’s up to this little boy again…

Most of my Neo-Liberal friends seem oblivious to various incidents of strange behavior by their candidate-Du-jour. Their instantaneous rejection of anything not following the “official party line” as reported by the Corporate media is reminiscent of the dogmatic denials of the Christian Right Wing Republicans of my youth. Anyone suggesting otherwise is instantly labeled a “Right-wing Agent” or a “Conspiracy Theorist”.

Anything claimed by the other side is false by default!

That Hillary is sick is obvious. The disgrace is that the Neo-Liberals, like sheep, accept the official Clinton Campaigns flimsy explanations (there have multiple offerings) rather than using their own observations and deductive reason.

You have no Proof!

The problem for Hillary is that this is not a legal trial. It is basically a popularity pageant. For better or for worse Empirical Evidence and Logical Deduction are more than valid “proof” when casting an informed vote.


  1. Hillary Clinton wants to be elected President really, really badly.
  2. She is endangering her chance of winning because of issues concerning her “opacity (trust)” and “health”.
  3. Hillary could allay these negative perceptions (to a large extent) by undergoing a routine medical examination from a neutral reliable doctor.
  4. Hillary has not done this.
  5. Hillary has nothing to lose and everything to gain with the voters by demonstrating that her “health” and “word” are good.


  1. Hillary either doesn’t want to become President that badly after all, or
  2. She cannot risk exposing what a objective medical examination would reveal.

Am I presenting a False Dilemma? I can’t think of any other realistic possibilities for her (lack of) action. Please feel free to suggest any further possibilities in the comments section below. I am all ears.

Dear Neo-Liberal friends, your Empress is not wearing any clothes. But that’s not the real problem here.


* original artwork by Michael Hague