A lot of Neo-Liberals (including the Current POTUS) are clamoring that a vote for a Third Party is a vote for the “other guy”. I find it strange that the opinions of people that I once had some respect for are now meaningless to me. Perhaps the problem for me is that many Americans either don’t understand or don’t like Democracy. Or in the case of the Neo-Liberal, not when it is inconvenient.

Let’s take their argument to to it’s logical conclusion?

Is not a vote for the Second Party also taking a vote away from the First Party? Why are the Neo-Liberals wasting their time and effort attacking the poor tiny Parties anyways? The Second Party is stealing WAY more of their votes than those insignificant Third, Fourth, Fifth… etc.

Apparently the First Party is entitled to certain votes you see?! Maybe they don’t “own” these Second Party votes? I am confused…

And what about votes for the Fourth Party? Come on! Shouldn’t “valid” voters at the very least “upgrade” to the Third Party so as not to make a “total sham” of Democracy? Who are these people? Commies? It’s still bad, but Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Perhaps all votes that aren’t for the First Party are silly, wasted and illegitimate votes? I mean, what’s the point of having elections at all if the voters are going to keep making mistakes? In a perfect Neo-Liberal universe there would be only One Party.

I wonder which Party will win this year?

Neo-Liberal Democracy

No more expecting people to vote their conscience. Or, Lord forbid, cast a vote just for the hell of it. What a time saver that would be.

Neo-Liberals, driven by a false sense of entitlement, believe that votes are owned and therefore can be wasted. In reality the only wasted vote is one not placed in the ballot box.

A Third Party vote is nothing more than a third Third Party . It’s called Democracy. But I am starting to suspect that Neo-Liberals are becoming increasingly more uncomfortable with that concept.