Month: October 2016

The Biblical Brilliance of Trump’s Locker Room Defense

Before I get started I just want to cut off any Feminists or Hillary Fear Slaves who came here to attack me for defending The Donald. Save your “P’s” and “C’s” for someone else. What Donald said was crude and insulting (yes, to most men too). This article is not a defense of the man or his words. It is about the absolute brilliance of his defense, which ranks up there with some of the best and most effective doozies ever used in or out of a court of law. The “I didn’t inhale” defence (Obscurum per Obscurius) The...

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9 Steps to a Better Life (7 of 9)

Drink * …and no, I ‘m not talking about water. Although you should drink that too. My Reasoning I’m talking, of course, about drinking alcohol. People have been drinking alcohol forever and it is safe to assume that it has done more to shape history and society than any other single product. There is simply no other easy way to say these next words. People who don’t drink are bold-deceivers. They are bold-deceivers because they refuse to engaging their fellow mankind on an equal and honest playing field. Lot’s of people who DO drink are assholes. But drinking doesn’t...

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* The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and most probably, but do not necessarily, reflect the position of Word151.

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