* …and no, I ‘m not talking about water. Although you should drink that too.

My Reasoning

I’m talking, of course, about drinking alcohol. People have been drinking alcohol forever and it is safe to assume that it has done more to shape history and society than any other single product.

There is simply no other easy way to say these next words. People who don’t drink are bold-deceivers. They are bold-deceivers because they refuse to engaging their fellow mankind on an equal and honest playing field.

Lot’s of people who DO drink are assholes. But drinking doesn’t turn you into an asshole. Drinking can only reveal the inner asshole inside you. The one that you try to hide. The one that your fellow man deserves to get to know if he is to judge you properly.

People who don’t drink can’t reveal the inner asshole. So they can’t sober up and stop being assholes. So you can never get to know them.


An Example

I have met a lot of people. Most of them I don’t care for. Some I detest. A few of them I consider good friends.

Many the people I have had life-long healthy relationships with are those that I have seen drunk. In most cases more than once. And they are the one’s that I consider “true” friends.
In fact, all of the people close to me (outside my direct family) share common drunken experiences. Through these experiences we have expanded the core understanding between us. These friendships are deeper and more committed than any relationship with any “non-drinker” friends. I just can’t be sure what kind of person my non-drinker friends would be drunk? Simply put, I don’t really know them. Only the prohibited “them” that they deceptively pretend to be.

The Benefits

As your inhibitions fade you will become more interesting. And/or other people will start to seem more interesting to you. This will spark a deeper, and in many ways more honest, level of social engagement.

People will get to see another side of you that is hidden in normal daily life. They may not like what they see. But those that DO will have more accurately accepted you for who you truly are. Thus can you weed out the superficial friendships and invest your time and energy in the quality ones.

* Don’t drink too much or too often. Just socially and responsibly.

image: Beerfest by Broken Lizard Productions

image: Beerfest by Broken Lizard Productions