Month: November 2016

A Dutch Blueprint for rebuilding American Liberalism

Is Liberalism dead in America? A lot of pundits are currently expounding this belief. Personally I don’t think that American Liberalism is dead…. just homeless. The last time that American Liberalism was truly “great” a Hershey Bar cost 5 cents. Since FDR, Liberalism in America has been on a slow decline. McCarthyism and the “Red Scare” partially contributed to it’s decline by rallying the “Flag-waving, Chevy-drive’n, gun-loving, God-fearing” sector of American Voters against the concept of Liberalism as a form of Socialism. Liberalism got a lick of “Sissy Paint” during the Peace and Love of the 60’s. And out...

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The Case for Intolerance

The Case for Intolerance Now that Donald Trump has won the US presidential election, hate and racism are said to be exposed and invigorated. But, a backlash is on its way, much in the same way that Barrack Obama inspired closeted hatemongers to organize, it is only natural that the scales balance themselves out in a new hyper tolerant type of way. Fear not however you can hold on to your hate it just will require a little more finesse. Hating people based on their race or skin color is just ignorant. Not because it is really wrong but...

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Thoughts of an X-Dem

For me, the Democratic Party gave me 4 reasons not to vote for them. 5 actually if you accept the premise that they’re more in bed with Wall Street than the GOP. Character issues are a complete wash. Trade is a complete wash. Economic issues are a complete wash. Even religious extremism now is a complete wash. The religious right has faded into obscurity in recent years.  Meanwhile Democrats apologize more for Islam than a “young earth creationist” apologizes for the Bible. Its a joke. You know something is seriously wrong when fucking Ted Cruz makes more overtures to...

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Empty Liberal Promises

So here’s a list of 23 celebrities who said that they would “Leave America” if Trump was elected President. Well, he won. So unless these people want to add to the ever growing pile of evidence that Neo-Liberals are spoiled, hypocritical cry-babies, the majority of these folks need to nut-up-or-shut-up! Unlike most American’s who are stuck in Murica these people all have the means to pack up and go. Most would probably be welcomed with open arms in many other countries due to their unique talents. Their bank accounts certainly would be appreciated. The Majority probably already have a...

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Aside from Corruption, What Went Wrong for Hillary?

Aside from Corruption, What Went Wrong for Hillary?   So the election has passed. Looking around on social media I’ve tried to get a sense whether or not the democrats understand what happened, my conclusion is they still don’t get it. Let’s take a look at Hillary’s missteps in her campaign and I will try to avoid the shadow of corruption that plagues her whenever possible. After the DNC scandal, Hillary immediately hired the woman forced to resign for rigging the primaries. She did so whole heartedly sending the message that cheating is ok if you do it for...

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It’s the Establishment Stupid.

The majority of my Neo-liberal friends (most of whom who live in blue culture-bubbles on both coasts of United States) are lamenting alleged sexism, racism, fascism and other forms of “Nasty” in their Politically Correct “whining du jour” way. Yes, racism still exists in America. Yes, the Racists and Misogynists of America probably did vote against Hillary and Obama before her; as they would have probably voted against any Democrat candidate. And Yes, Donald Trump is no sweet talkin’ Boy Scout when it comes to social taboos and “delicate” issues. But my Neo-Liberal friends are off target. Pointing fingers...

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*Although I did not vote for him I want to start by extending my congratulations to President Elect Donald Trump. And to wish him luck and my support in his dream to restore American Greatness. This because I respect Democracy. And that’s how adults act. Fans (and haters) of my articles are well aware that I have been relentless in my criticism of HRC’s candidacy. Not because of her skills or aptitude as a politician, but for her weaknesses as a candidate. Hillary has terrible charisma, is disturbingly secretive, and carries years of baggage. Hillary isn’t trusted by the...

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* The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and most probably, but do not necessarily, reflect the position of Word151.

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