*Although I did not vote for him I want to start by extending my congratulations to President Elect Donald Trump. And to wish him luck and my support in his dream to restore American Greatness. This because I respect Democracy. And that’s how adults act.

Fans (and haters) of my articles are well aware that I have been relentless in my criticism of HRC’s candidacy. Not because of her skills or aptitude as a politician, but for her weaknesses as a candidate.

Hillary has terrible charisma, is disturbingly secretive, and carries years of baggage. Hillary isn’t trusted by the American people. But putting all the scandals, affairs and investigations aside. Hillary lost because she represented the establishment.

In many of my articles I predicted that American’s underlying anger at the establishment would be the deciding factor in the election cycle. I predicted that the candidate with the loudest anti-establishment message would win. I predicted that Bernie would beat Trump and the Trump would beat Hillary.

How did I know?

Forget Wikileaks or Debbie Wasserman Schultz or the FBI. There were three (largely unaddressed) moments that confirmed (for me at least) that the “biggest outsider” would ride the wave of dissent to victory.


1) Nevada’s State Convention descends into chaos when the DNC Committee defends excluding 58 Bernie Sanders’ delegates, claiming that they failed to register properly as Democrats before the final caucus.

This is the moment when many Democrats realized that their own party (and it’s media) was stacking the deck.



2) Sarah Silverman mocks Bernie supporters and demands that they stop acting like babies.

Probably without intent, Silverman perfectly demonstrated the establishment’s belief that a vote is “owned” rather than “earned”.



3) GOP rejection of Trump. That sheer amount of open party defections was unheard of in American Politics. Trump stated that: “the shackles are off”.

Trump is now fighting the entire political establishment that has failed the United States.

At the end of the day Hillary didn’t lose, the Establishment lost. The Media lost. And maybe, America won? Only time will tell.

P.S. Is it too soon to remind you that I told you so?…. too soon huh?