Aside from Corruption, What Went Wrong for Hillary?


So the election has passed. Looking around on social media I’ve tried to get a sense whether or not the democrats understand what happened, my conclusion is they still don’t get it. Let’s take a look at Hillary’s missteps in her campaign and I will try to avoid the shadow of corruption that plagues her whenever possible.

After the DNC scandal, Hillary immediately hired the woman forced to resign for rigging the primaries. She did so whole heartedly sending the message that cheating is ok if you do it for me. The problem here is half of the DNC wanted Bernie so out of the gate Hillary alienated half her base. She needed the other half and although some of the Bernie supporters eventually fell into line, about a third would never go back.


The campaign message was always lacking. There was little substance to her message. People were expected to throw in their support on the fact that:

She was not Trump,

Her  vast experience while ignoring her record

Or the anti-sexy message to Bernie supporters that “You can’t have what you want compromise is the only way forward”.

Hillary’s record on the environment was/is weak although she publicly believes in global warming she seemed to have no problem with compromising the planet’s health if money was to be made for her donors. Americans are tired of war, Hillary’s hawkish record of pro-regime change has costs the lives of many and kept the country far from peaceful, conflict free times. I could go on, from her position or crime bills, to her blaming the housing bubble on the home owners and not the banks, but all that is public record which enough people seem to have been aware of to keep her from gaining the White House.


The slogans STRONGER TOGETHER failed to resonate as the DNC scandal broke, which was quickly followed by a convention slogan that included Trump’s name (fail Marketing 101). Hillary never got her slogan right settling on I’m With Her! which is far too close to I’m With Stupid.


Bullying on social media. Now there are claims that there was bullying on all sides. I have little doubt that that is true but the difference is the arrogance of the Hillary supporters believing they were/are the sole beacons of light and truth continued to alienate the DNC base. All of the bulling may be wrong but when you need some people to follow you and your cause it is particularly a bad move. This bullying became so mainstream that even political satirists like Bill Maher and John Oliver thought it appropriate to ridicule principled 3rd party voters for their “stupid” ideals.

So now is the time to suck it up democrats your moral elitism has cost the election and perhaps the future of the Democratic Party. You can cry “Death of Democracy” all you want but Trump was elected democratically it is the left who felt morally above letting the people have a voice and we all will suffer the consequences.   The Trump victory was democracy working. Trump may destroy democracy once he moves into the White House but that has not happened yet. Democracy is not pretty boys and girls.

Democracy … not always pretty.