The majority of my Neo-liberal friends (most of whom who live in blue culture-bubbles on both coasts of United States) are lamenting alleged sexism, racism, fascism and other forms of “Nasty” in their Politically Correct “whining du jour” way.

Yes, racism still exists in America.

Yes, the Racists and Misogynists of America probably did vote against Hillary and Obama before her; as they would have probably voted against any Democrat candidate.

And Yes, Donald Trump is no sweet talkin’ Boy Scout when it comes to social taboos and “delicate” issues.

But my Neo-Liberal friends are off target. Pointing fingers at the old threats when it was a whole new “Nasty” that decided this election.


Sexism? Nope!

Trump got 53% of the male vote, but Hillary got 54% of the Female vote. A tie! Gender still plays a role in so far as we tend to favor our own. But that knife cuts both ways.

Independent Voters? Not them either!

Indi-voters split close to 50/50. Trump did a bit better. But that just supports my point (see conclusion below). And the 3rd party’s didn’t play lopsided spoiler either. Meanwhile Dems and Reps voted traditionally straight down party lines.



Racism? Sorry, not white-lash!

Trump got 58% of the White vote. But Hillary got 88% of the Black vote and 65% of the Hispanic vote. So really reverse-racism played, relatively speaking, a greater role in Hillary’s favor. I am aware that there are more Whites than Blacks/Hispanics. But remember that 59% of whites voted for Mitt Romney vs. Obama in 2012. So, if anything, white racism (while is still exists) has slightly declined in the last 4 years?!

Millenials? Unchanged!

The younger voters leaned Left while the older voters leaned Right. Just like in every election ever since the beginning of time.


Religion? Not a factor!

While solid statistics here are harder to come by, Christians appear to be split roughly 50/50 while Muslims and Jews tended to support Clinton over Trump roughly 2:1. Religion was no friend to Trump either. The gods were actually aligned against him.


Hillary didn’t lose the election because she has a vagina. Or because she is black? Or due to religious persecution. Hillary Clinton lost this election because she represented the establishment in a time of growing worldwide Anti-globalism and Populism.

It was this burning resentment of the establishment that motivated those who eventually voted “Trump” to walk that extra mile and wait that extra hour in line to cast their vote. And that made the difference.

It’s the Establishment stupid!