For me, the Democratic Party gave me 4 reasons not to vote for them. 5 actually if you accept the premise that they’re more in bed with Wall Street than the GOP.

  1. Character issues are a complete wash.
  2. Trade is a complete wash.
  3. Economic issues are a complete wash.
  4. Even religious extremism now is a complete wash.

The religious right has faded into obscurity in recent years.  Meanwhile Democrats apologize more for Islam than a “young earth creationist” apologizes for the Bible. Its a joke.

You know something is seriously wrong when fucking Ted Cruz makes more overtures to non-believers than the DNC. The DNC who were going to smear Sanders as “a godless atheist” so that Hillary could pander to the Southern vote,


Trump has flaws but he’s a giant shakeup to the entire system. No matter what anyone thinks of Trump, this was a popular uprising of the people taking control and rejecting the big media institutions, the giant DNC political machine. It was a giant F-U to the bullshit lies of identity politics and the authoritarian ideology the Left has become.

The Democrats have become exactly what the Republicans were in the mid 2000’s. Trump isn’t perfect but I’m thrilled we finally changed directions.