Is Liberalism dead in America? A lot of pundits are currently expounding this belief. Personally I don’t think that American Liberalism is dead…. just homeless.

The last time that American Liberalism was truly “great” a Hershey Bar cost 5 cents. Since FDR, Liberalism in America has been on a slow decline. McCarthyism and the “Red Scare” partially contributed to it’s decline by rallying the “Flag-waving, Chevy-drive’n, gun-loving, God-fearing” sector of American Voters against the concept of Liberalism as a form of Socialism.

Liberalism got a lick of “Sissy Paint” during the Peace and Love of the 60’s. And out of the limped wrist approach to the Carter years emerged a new type of Liberalism, the Neo-Liberalism of the Clintons (and later Obama). This Neo-Liberalism was defined by a shift from the Left of American Politics to a firm stance in the middle of the road. Lip-Service to the ideals of equality, brotherhood and social programs were little more than placates to the Progressive Left. After all, where would they go?

Meanwhile Neo-Liberals went about business with little regard to the real needs of middle-class and poor. Secure in their knowledge that the watchdog of feigned Political Correct outrage would keep the sheep from strayin wandering to other pastures.

Well, the termites of Political Correctness and wood-rot of Lip-service to ideals have destroyed the whole house. Liberalism has become an eye-sore and a public safety hazard. American Liberalism is faced with the reality that it is going to have to tear down the structure and start laying the foundation for a new house.


What form should this new house take. Perhaps somewhere to look is Holland (…also take a look at their National Health System while you are at!).

Contrary to popular belief, The Dutch are a rather conservative people. They don’t, in general, give much credit to other countries “beliefs” and tend to look at other cultures as “amusing” or “ridiculous”. Nor do they don’t mince their words on your account. They will tell you straight to you face what they are think of your “beliefs” without a second’s thought to your “sensitive personal feelings”. “What! Are you crying? Boo f*cking hoo”

Dutch Liberalism manifests itself in three forms…

There is no God in Politics – That’s pretty much what the word Liberal means in Holland.
Tolerance – You don’t have to like something, and you are more welcome to express that opinion. But you are not welcome take or advocate detrimental actions against the thing that you don’t like. You have to tolerate it. Like grown ups do.
Pragmatism –  Ideals are a nice guideline but only if if they can be worked into tangible solutions. Otherwise they are as useful as a Belgian.


Dutch Liberalism doesn’t smell like patuli oil, or sound like a drum-circle. Dutch Liberalism calls a “Person of African Decent” a Black guy.  It calls “an erotic phallic pleasure device” a Dildo. It doesn’t give a shit if words like these offend you or make you uncomfortable. Just that you understand the message that is being expressed. Dutch Liberalism really doesn’t care about “how you personally feel” about anything . That’s your baggage. Dutch Liberalism cares about how it’s policies affect the well being of it’s citizens as a whole.

And Dutch Liberalism gets shit done. Like FDR!