The Case for Intolerance

Now that Donald Trump has won the US presidential election, hate and racism are said to be exposed and invigorated. But, a backlash is on its way, much in the same way that Barrack Obama inspired closeted hatemongers to organize, it is only natural that the scales balance themselves out in a new hyper tolerant type of way. Fear not however you can hold on to your hate it just will require a little more finesse.

Hating people based on their race or skin color is just ignorant. Not because it is really wrong but just because it is so superficial. There are a myriad of more substantial reasons to hate people than just the color of their skin.

People in a different economic or social class than you. Hate here may be a little strong but look, you don’t know what these people eat, most certainly don’t share the same hobbies as they do, and can’t really connect with them on your shared hatred of another class because most likely they hate your economic and social class.

There is a lot of talk about being tolerant of religion. This makes no sense to me as clearly if you have a religion or not than you believe that those of a different faith are a bunch of ignorant bastards who will see in the end that you were right all along. It seems cruel to enable them in their pursuit of false prophets.  

Education and intelligence, George Bush went to both Yale and Harvard so where you went to school clearly does not matter. But, dumb people really need to understand how the grinning and bearing statements from clearly inferior intellects pains the rest of us. Fools organize, join groups and as a group when you have formulated together some useful insight, send a representative from your group by appointment only to have your ideas heard. Today walking the streets is unbearable, with all the blithering idiots thinking that they have something useful to contribute. When everybody’s opinion carries equal weight we end up with leaders like Donald Trump or a choice between Clinton or Trump.  

Intolerance of Intolerance is not enough. I am Intolerant of people who are Intolerant but also Intolerant of the people who are Intolerant of Intolerance. You don’t have to agree with me but if you don’t let me point out your lactose or gluten intolerance.  Why is your Intolerance ok but not mine?