Hey remember this episode!

TWD thinks we’re stupid, and they are probably right.

I’m happy that Badass Carol and Crazy Killer Morgan are back. We’ve all assumed that this would happen at some point, so it comes as no surprise. Conveniently it will be happening right in time for the season final. I can live with that type of predictable writing. It moves the story forward at a pace complimentary to the seasonal format.

What I can no longer live with is the show-writer’s reliance on my assumed total stupidity to achieve their ends. 

TWD is a fantasy show that “works” at a human interest level. In order to work it needs believable characters that we can relate to. Unfortunately it has devolved to the point that the “Walkers” are more believable than the characters.

Instead of ranting about what was (at the most base human level) wrong with this episode, I will present an alternative storyline to see if you can spot the “abuse” they are heaping on us these days.

(Somewhere mid-Season 3, after a way too long commercial break)

Daryl, Glen, Maggie, Carol, Rick, Michonne and Carl are outside the Prison running an errand. Let’s say collecting fruit; maybe melons?

The situation is dangerous and stressful, yet not entirely unfamiliar to our battle hardened heroes. So while there is an element of tension in the air, it’s really just another day at the office. They’ve been in this exact situation often.

Michonne has only joined the group a month or so ago. She just showed up ‘out of the blue’ and acted a bit ‘weird’ at first. Yet over the last few weeks she has gained the trust of the group and demonstrated that she has some very helpful skill sets.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, Michonne bashes Daryl over the head. She then, over the next minute, proceeds to choke him to death despite his best attempts to save himself.

Daryll who has been with these people since the beginning. Daryll who has saved most of their lives at some some point in the near past. Daryll who is Rick’s right hand man and practically a “captain” to these people. Everybody trusts Daryll, most probably consider him a friend.

Maggie, Glen, Carol and Carl just stand by and watch. Rick says nothing, does nothing, give’s no orders to stop what is obviously the cold-blooded murder of his trusted comrade.

Michonne starts ranting that “Daryll was eating all the melons! That was his plan all along! To have them all his way with salt sprinkled on top. Can’t you all see that?!”

Rick, Carl, Glenn, Carol and Maggie nod their heads and quietly climb back into their truck and go home. And so does my ability to believe that they are ‘real’ people. Because this is NOT how Rick or Carol or any “believable” human being would have reacted.

(Fade to Black)

Can you imagine this happening in Season 3? What would you have done? I will tell you what any reasonably intelligent person would have done. You would have stopped watching TWD is what you would have done.

Well, it just happened in Season 7.

You probably should show some self-respect for your own intellect. But now you’ve invested years of your life in this abusive, one-way relationship. You are AMC’s bitch. Don’t let them keep treating you like dumb piece of shit. There’s plenty of other fish in the sea. When is GoT coming back?