Author: Min Imal

Skin Deep Uppities

Why are so many people getting their uppities all upset about the Trump statue? You hate the guy, right? You understand that he’s a public figure, right? A public figure who makes sport of insulting others, which means he’s merely getting what he gave. You are aware of this thing called satire, yes? And hopefully you know that freedom of speech is more essential to a free thinking society than whatever mixture of taste, sensitivity, and self-righteousness it is you advocate when you get your uppities all in an up over the Trump statue. The statue is meant, I...

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Most Americans Can’t Even Count to 3

I ran a social experiment this week and promoted a 3rd party vote in a discussion with 3 men at a local bar. All 3 were middle class and white. All were in their 30’s. And all are Dems who have decided to vote for Clinton. During our conversation I was told the following: Ralph Nader voters were responsible for the Iraq War. If I vote 3rd party I will do so knowing it means the countless deaths of innocents in other countries. “That argument is pure hogwash.” Voting my conscience is not as important as defeating Trump. There...

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