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The Case for Intolerance

The Case for Intolerance Now that Donald Trump has won the US presidential election, hate and racism are said to be exposed and invigorated. But, a backlash is on its way, much in the same way that Barrack Obama inspired closeted hatemongers to organize, it is only natural that the scales balance themselves out in a new hyper tolerant type of way. Fear not however you can hold on to your hate it just will require a little more finesse. Hating people based on their race or skin color is just ignorant. Not because it is really wrong but...

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Empty Liberal Promises

So here’s a list of 23 celebrities who said that they would “Leave America” if Trump was elected President. Well, he won. So unless these people want to add to the ever growing pile of evidence that Neo-Liberals are spoiled, hypocritical cry-babies, the majority of these folks need to nut-up-or-shut-up! Unlike most American’s who are stuck in Murica these people all have the means to pack up and go. Most would probably be welcomed with open arms in many other countries due to their unique talents. Their bank accounts certainly would be appreciated. The Majority probably already have a...

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The Star Spangled Banner Sucks!

Colin Kaepernick must have taken History 151. Any student of standard American High School History might have briefly brushed over the War of 1812. The only reason why this War even makes it into American History Books at all is because it produced the poem Defence of Fort M’Henry that which later became The Star Spangled Banner. Besides that, nobody really wants to dwell on the other stuff. But Word151 does! In 1812 America got their asses handed to them in a hand-basket by the English and Canadians. America was being a total douche, aggressively invading Eastern Canada with the...

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The Dangers of Marijuana Use, As told by Vintage PSAs

I’m not a pot smoker. I am a man’s man. I prefer a good stiff drink to some hippy, or skeeter’s preference to mind altering substances. Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin are my heroes they didn’t fall into that whole wacky tobacky craze. I have no proof or particular reason why, but, I suspect the Sammy Davis Jr. did fall into the devil’s trap of cannabis use, but it is just a feeling. We have known about the dangers of marijuana for quite sometime, yet renegade states such as Colorado, Oregon and the entire country of Holland ignore the dangers and...

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What YOU Stand to Lose When Democracy Dies

While many Americans have their blinders on in their effort to beat the boogie man Trump, what really is at risk is the fabric of American democracy. Embrace or ignore Hillary Clinton’s record as you will. You have made up your mind about those risks and nothing I am going to write here is going to change your mind. So let’s look to the future. What freedoms are at risk when we appoint rather than elect a leader? 2nd amendment enthusiasts, I think you are safe. You are a walking dude with an attitude. You are an independent free thinker...

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Some Notes on the Middle Finger

We can trace the use of the middle finger way back to ancient Greece. This is important to know if you are time traveling in the West and cannot speak the local language. This symbol representing the phallus has carried the same meaning through most of Western time and culture.  One slight variation on the gesture would be the extention of the thumb, which means in some areas “also up your bum” In Greek theater it was called the katapygon. The gesture was used mostly in comedy when one character would give it to another character to suggest he was...

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From Russia with Love

Donald Trump is a genius, once again outmaneuvering his opponents by “doubling-down” on their attempts to paint him as a “Ruski”. And no, his remarks about Clinton’s missing 20,000 missing emails weren’t treason. It could be considered treacherous for an American to wish “out loud” that the Russians would spy on another American. Treachery however is not Treason. Liberals need to get over that…. The corporate dominated media was unsurprisingly willing to “jump the gun” in accusing Russia of hacking emails and interfering with international politics when no evidence has been provided. In fact, the cybersecurity firms FireEye and...

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I’m Not Racist But…

“I’m not racist but…” is almost always followed by something racist. I found myself hating some people for no good reason the other day so, I want to see if I can make that sentence and not be called a racist. Here it goes: I’m not racist but I hate people who look like people I hate. Now is that racist? I know it isn’t right but who really cares it’s not like I’m going to punch somebody I don’t know or anything. Can’t a have irrational hate. I was dropping one of my children off at school the...

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Back to School with Kevlar

Gun sales are down 50% since the Sandy Hook shooting when the NRA convinced everybody that Obama was going to take away their guns. Now that Obama is in his last year in power that threat doesn’t have the teeth that it used to. The NRA even smugly admitted that it had mislead the public to boost gun sales. So what do we need? How can we strike fear back into the heart of the white male who is not as angry and afraid of a black man taking their guns as they used to be? Capitalism is king...

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Me the People

As the American dream is fading in the US one last bastion of entitlement remains making sure that those less fortunate than you remain so. In the old days in the US folks would sometimes vote against their interests because they believed their fortunes would change. That they would win the Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes or their garage tinkering would lead to fortune. Today all there is left is to belittle others. In other industrialized countries people on welfare are given money into their bank accounts each month. In the US the Snap card alerts those standing in line behind you that...

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Gang members paid to stop killing

Making a living today is harder than climbing Mt. Everest with a piano stapled to your balls but life is getting easier for some. In Richmond California gang members who are known killers but have escaped the criminal system are now allowed to receive up to $1,300 a month for not killing anybody. The program is incentive based so most gang members are only making around $750 a month for partially laying off the gangbanging. The program works with people called mentors, ex-cons who know the what’s what of the street. They keep a score card for the gang members and...

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Clinton Supporters Self Congratulatory Wisdom

I spent today looking at the spin from the Clinton camp over the Nevada convention. “Bernie supporters just don’t respect the process” they cry. “Bernie supporters don’t like having their representatives not representing”, I say. Yes they booed Barbra Boxer an admired Democratic politician, sorry but this time she wasn’t fighting the good fight. 64 Sanders delegates were not counted and 58 without even a chance to plead their cases. Rules state that delegates must have registered as democrats before May 1rst. The rules also state that delegates must be registered as democrats in order to be delegates so...

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